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In what areas does Launch Dental Operate?

Launch Dental focuses its efforts in Southern California. We currently have offices in the Inland Empire but are looking for any offices in Southern California. If you feel like your office would be a great fit with our organization, please contact us and we will love to discuss it.

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What is a DSO?

Dental Service Organizations (DSO) started in the late 1990s and are basically, individual practices banded together to create better efficiencies as a group. DSOs help reduce capital costs and increase efficiencies in running a practice by setting standards and protocols in: accounting, financial forecasting, HR and Reporting.

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What kind of practice does Launch Dental go after?

We want practices that are looking for succession and want somebody that will take care of their patients in a way that they would like. Launch Dental makes sure to bring in an Owner/Operator Dentist who is interested in the best care for your patients and rewarded for taking care of the practice.

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What does an ideal Dentist for Launch Dental look like?

We are looking for Dentists who love dentistry and are passionate about helping people. Launch Dental creates the mechanism for dentists to be part of a practice where they have the key role and have the support to make the best decisions for their patients and for their practice. We want Dentists who love being dentists and are looking for an optimal partner to help run the business aspects of their small business.

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What makes Launch Dental different from other DSOs?

Our approach is different than most DSOs because we are looking at creating an ideal environment for the Dentist for them to thrive. Making a Dentist be able to provide optimal care to their patients, creates a relationship that makes a longer-lasting, more satisfied customer who returns and spreads the word about the dental services they have received. We believe that this philosophy of making a healthy lifestyle for a dentist by providing business efficiencies for their practice, improves dental care where we have our practices but also increases the bottom line.

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