What We Offer

Launch Dental provides the business support services that provide you the peace-of-mind that you need so you can focus on your patients and the care they need. Below is a brief synopsis of the services that we offer:

Financial Services

Launch Dental manages the day-to-day bookkeeping, tax preparation and financial reporting so you can set benchmarks for your practice.


We go past the status quo of dental marketing and help build a community around your practice so that you are first in mind for dental work in your area.

Human Resources

Launch Dental works to acquire top talent and build up your staff with adequate training so that you retain and build your staff into the main driving force for your practice’s success.

Staff Administration

We take care of the tedium of payroll, benefit plans, workers comp, unemployment and compliance with State regulations so you inform your employees and protect your practice.


We start with an analysis of your practice to provide feedback of best-practices and ways to set standards and systems to ensure your success.

Real Estate

We help identify opportunities to change location, modify leases and negotiate building purchase options that make sense for your practice and its growth.


We take the complication of finding optimal software and IT solutions for your practice by identifying ideal solutions that increase your efficiency and decrease the stress of
computer issues.


We identify ways to enhance the visual aspects of your office and recommend ways to help increase the appeal of your office and highlight your offerings to better inform your Patients.

Dentistry Management That Makes Sense

Launch Dental has the experience to provide the services to not only manage your practice's business aspects, but to help make your practice a thriving business by utilizing methods that we have developed by being dentists such as:

Digitizing paper records
Systemitizing patient coding
Tech analysis and implementation
New equipment sales
Social media marketing

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to the Next Level?

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